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It’s my job to help you ditch dieting and replace it with a happy, healthy and sustainable relationship with food, weight and exercise.

I have helped hundreds of women lose weight without diets or extreme exercise regimens. I teach them to eat healthy and lose weight because they want to – and because it makes them feel good – not because they are slaves to the multi-billion dollar diet industry.

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  • My free stuff page – packed full of helpful links and downloads.
  • My blog, where I share my latest advice and tips on how to ditch dieting and start living.
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There's Paid Stuff:

  • My book - The Weight Loss Shift – shows you how to claim your ideal body permanently. One reader calls it “overwhelmingly the best weight-loss book I've ever read. Highly recommended.” Another says that “I highly recommend this as a must have for anyone desiring to live an inspired and free life, loving the skin they are in, losing weight by being more.”
  • My Authentic Body & Life Women's Circle runs every week in Paradise, California. Come along to see me practice what I preach in person – your first session is FREE.
  • My 8-week Mindfulness-Based Weight Reduction program starting mid-January. Receive a blend of group and private time with me to achieve your weight loss goals with mindfulness principles proven in the research to be effective, unlike dieting.

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