My name is Michelle Hastie Thompson. I’m a leading expert at helping emotional eaters stop obsessing over food and finally take control back for good. My “Guilt Free Guide to Ending Emotional Eating” has been used by emotional eaters all over the world. I have written and published two books & been featured in Shape magazine for an entire year as a weight loss expert.

I’m from California and have been at it full time since 2006 (except for a break when I had my son) helping people with their bodies in and out of the gym. I’ve been able to stop emotional eating because of the fact that I have implemented proven methods and strategies that people who don't struggle with food, exercise or their bodies utilize effortlessly everyday.

Even though I “teach” weight loss, I still practice what I tell other people & that is “how to stop emotional eating” that allows the body to be at it's ideal weight. And do it without dieting, extreme exercise or force.

In addition to helping people stop emotionally eat, I’ve also personally consulted with and coached one-on-one with various dieters to jump off the dieting roller coaster and finally live in their ideal bodies permanently.

End Emotional Eating

Stop wasting time obsessing over food and feeling overly full and guilty. Here is the method you MUST master to never emotionally eat again.

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My Story

I’m originally from Los Angeles and moved to Orange County for college. In Huntington Beach, California I met my husband and he moved me to a small mountain town in Northern California called Paradise where I currently reside. I grew up hell bent on becoming an actress or singer and what people don't realize is I was completely un-athletic.

However, I somehow fell into a job at the gym as a personal trainer. While finishing college I fell in love with helping people with their health and fitness and decided to complete my degree but stay focused on my career as a health and fitness mentor. With a year and a half left of school I started my business as a private personal trainer and never looked back.

As much as I enjoyed helping people in the gym, it began a very unhealthy relationship with my body. I became obsessed with having a certain body and managed to become the heaviest I'd ever been in my life as a personal trainer. I was discouraged and confused desperate to live a life in a body I loved and teach my clients to do the same.

Just 2 weeks after starting my business I got in a horrible car accident. In an interesting turn of events, I lost 10 lbs lying on the couch unable to move. This pushed me to find the solutions to weight, emotional eating, compulsive exercise and all the topics in between. I released the rest of my weight and began teaching my “Guilt Free Guide to Ending Emotional Eating”.

After my first certification in Food Psychology I was fueled to learn more. I got certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Yoga and am now finishing my Master's degree. I will be beginning my PhD in Health Psychology later this year and cannot wait to develop my research in the field of weight loss and transform the industry.

I never imagined I would be in the field of health and wellness, especially weight loss. I absolutely love helping people end emotional eating quicker then they ever thought possible, fall in love with movement and speed up their metabolism through Psychology and ultimately reprogram their brain to be of someone who is naturally thin to maintain their results forever.

Here's how I went from Overweight to Ideal Weight without Dieting, & You Can Too!

Ending emotional eating is possible if you simply focus on doing the right steps and follow the right formula verses focusing on ever changing methods and fly by night gimmicks that always change.

Lastly, make sure you “click here now” so I can send you a free video that will show you step-by-step how to implement the “Guilt Free Guide to Ending Emotional Eating” that I have used to permanently end emotional eating in less than 30 days. “Click here” to get your free video.


Michelle Hastie Thompson

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End Emotional Eating

Stop wasting time obsessing over food and feeling overly full and guilty. Here is the method you MUST master to never emotionally eat again.

We value your privacy and would never spam you