What if I told you that your life and body could be completely transformed in a simple pain-free way?

You know your body is not ideal for you today...

That you have a potential body and life that truly emulates exactly who you want to be deep down inside.

And yet, year after year, the task of weight loss has become frustrating, defeating, and even hopeless.

You are in the right place if you are ready to:

  • Become someone who no longer eats outside of hunger
  • Finally moves in exactly the amount that you desire without force
  • Gain confidence, motivation, and energy right now while losing weight instead of after you weigh less
  • Make decisions, follow-through with them, and utlimately acheive success when you put your mind to it.

And that's where I come in...

My name is Michelle Hastie Thompson. I’m a leading expert at helping women end the battle of binge and over eating, fall in love with movement, and ultimately become someone who follows through until success is reached.  I have written and published three books & been featured in Shape magazine for an entire year as a weight loss expert.

I know what it's like to spend my evenings binge eating, spend hours in the gym out of fear of gaining weight, and continue to gain weight no matter how hard I tried.

I also know what it's like to feel terrified of change, crippled by self-doubt, and completely insecure in my body and life.

I spent many years obsessing over how much I was eating, what I was eating, how hard I was working in the gym, what the scale read, and, of course, what everyone else thought about all of it.

But after consistent practice of new skills in mindful eating, mindful movement, mindfulness-based stress reduction and a complete mindset overhaul I am happy to report that I not only lost all the weight, but I no longer fear weight gain.

And you too can have this.

I am not special. And while your mind is probably searching for reasons why it can work for me and not for you, it's just plain not true.

I have worked with men and women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Some of my clients have gained weight later in life and some battled their whole life.

Some binge ate, some didn't.

Some exercised, some didn't.

And ALL of them needed a complete mindset overhaul in order to learn, practice, and master the skills of living as someone free of excess weight permanently.

You may notice I do not have testimonials.

I will NEVER do before and after pictures of my clients. It's never felt right for me.

And, my clients truly prefer to remain in private. And I respect their desire to keep their success to themselves.

Honestly, when they tell people they lost weight without calorie coutning, extremes, and willpower they hear a lot of skeptical feedback. And there are a lot of naysayers out there. So they prefer to keep their weight loss secret to themselves, and I totally understand.

In lieu of not having the clients here to tell you first hand I am currently pursuing my PhD to perform clinical research in this arena. I am happy to provide my thesis for you and of course will have my disseration available as soon as I finish.

What I can tell you is that I truly live a life wihtout food obsessions...

Without fear of missing a workout...

And in complete freedom and bliss in my body.

And the simple method to achieve this is possible for you.

Even if you aren't sure if you can actually lose weight with this simple method, I think you can agree it would be amazing to no longer worry about:

  • Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, OverEating
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Low Confidence
  • Inability to Stick to a Plan
  • Stress From Every Corner
  • What the Scale Says
  • What People Think
  • And Everthing Else you are Attaching to Weight

So worst case scenario, you eliminate all of the above.

Best case scenario, you eliminate the extra pounds with it... and honestly it's hard not to when you're truly living your best life.

Curious about the unofficial bio and just wanna know more about me?

  • I am married to an incredible man named Nick and we have a toddler named Rome who is the craziest, sweetest little boy. AND motherhood has been the most challenging experience of my life.
  • I have two adorable PitBulls named Jackson and Lola who love to cuddle, kiss, and go for walks.
  • I live in a small town in Northern California called Paradise. Yes, that's right, it's called Paradise. And it's beautiful... 90 minutes from the Sacramento airport and 30 minutes from Trader Joes (the struggle is real)
  • I love to sing, play guitar, and do community musical theatre. Most recently I was a nun in Sister Act and Violet's mother in Willy Wonka.
  • I have never been athletic my entire life and am now proud to say that I feel right at home in a yoga studio, dance class (which TERRIFIED me in the past), and even the gym.
  • I LOVE hip hop. Gangsta rap, disgusting horrible lyrics, the whole she-bang. I just can't help but dance and my inner street girl comes out (if there is one in there...)
  • My husband and I LOVE to take our jeep up to the high lakes to wheel and camp. This is great for me since I don't like to hike. I still get to see the beautiful sights in the comfort of my car.