Are You Allowing Yourself Time to Recover?

Are you giving yourself time to recover from stress, exercise or that B^%&$ that just cut you off on the freeway?!

I  mean seriously… we cannot expect to go through life from one experience to the next without taking time to simply breathe and relax. 

Check this out….

The cave man would fight or take flight from the Sabre-Tooth Tiger, and if he survived, would go back to his cave. The cave did not have email, Facebook, or cable news. The cave man spent time RECOVERING, and not because he sat down and said, “Okay, time to recover.” It was simply built in.” – Wild Divine Newsletter 

Are you doing this? 

Or are you immediately opening up your phone (at a red light of course) to then tell the story of the chick that just cut you off, which then leads to comments from others reminding you how much of a you-know-what she is for cutting you off…

Don’t feel bad, we’ve all done it… but at what cost?

Be like the cave man, give yourself time to recover from life. Stop… breathe…. relax…. meditate. It will change your life.

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Michelle Hastie

As a Mindset Mentor and Results Coach, Michelle Hastie teaches conscious entrepreneurs how to live their absolute truth in order to live in their ideal bodies forever. If your body isn’t you, then your negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns aren’t you either. It’s time to change who you are being in order to live your most incredible life, in a body you love. FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus

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