Case Studies

  • The Giver

    Lisa was a student of Law of Attraction and Abraham Hicks. She had completely mastered the use of this incredible power in all aspects of her life… except her weight. She knew dieting couldn’t possibly be the answer but without any other solutions she turned to her food and exercise as a way of controlling her body.

    After a little over 4 months Lisa was able to learn her lessons from her body, focus on taking care of herself first instead of everyone else and most importantly drop all obsessive behaviors around food and exercise. She reported that not only was dining out way more fun and enjoyable because she could eat whatever she wanted but her “clothes were getting looser and looser.” She also reported that she “lost 50 lbs [in her] brain” as she let go of all old dieting rules and regulations. Lisa is so happy with her body and results she can’t wait to take on life’s adventures in a body and life she loves.

  • The Lifetime Dieter

    Rachel had lived a large portion of her life overweight. She learned some unhealthy patterns from her parents and battled with these patterns into her adult life. She loved her relationship and her job and was looking for real solutions to her weight and was done with dieting.

    Over the course of about 6 months Rachel removed all the weight she desired and completely transformed her relationship with food, throwing all those old patterns from her childhood behind. Rachel reported that she was able to “alter the way I look and interact with food for the better. Without dieting I have lost weight and the best part is the changes I have made can be maintained for life so I am living a healthy way without feeling deprived or punished.”

  • The Over Exercising Health Nut

    Ashley was the typical hard worker; running her business, mothering her child and controlling her food and exercise. She didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, maybe 10 or 15 pounds but she was always nervous she would gain weight and felt guilty if she didn’t run (which she hated to do) or ate anything “bad”. She was also someone who was extremely health conscious. She always chose a holistic approach on everything, ate the best quality food and exercised regularly. But she just couldn’t drop those pounds. She wanted to be free of the weight and of the fear of gaining weight.

    After just a few months the weight began to come off. At the end of our work she reported the following, ” I actually lost that last 5 lbs without really trying.. I tried my 27 jeans on and they fit great!! I’m really excited and am enjoying my food so much more!! I feel like I’ve reached my goals for now”

  • The Man Stuck in the Past

    John was so much fun to work with. He was into the same personal development as me, read the same books as me and definitely understood the potential of the work I do. He wanted to lose about 30-40 lbs. He used to be extremely fit and had done plenty of extreme exercise and diet routines to get this number down. He also had a laborious job he loved which kept him active and healthy. He had a life changing injury which took him out of his normal routine forever. He was struggling to adjust to this change and refused to accept that his life was going to be different. Once we were able to get him to accept that his body knows how to adjust to his new lifestyle, his new routine and his new exercises he was able to let go of the weight.

    After 3 months he was able to let go of his past life, welcome his new life and begin releasing his weight. He reported back that the weight (12 lbs at that time) was coming off easily and he felt confident the remainder would come off on his own.

  • The Successful Coach Wanting it All

    Jessica was a successful coach helping lots of business owners improve their results. She felt that as a coach she should really have all areas of her life in their desired states. Therefore, it was imperative that she mastered her body so that she could stand as a true leader in the field of living the best life possible. Due to her busy schedule we did not complete her sessions in 3 months like most of my clients but we did continue to meet throughout the year when her schedule permitted it. She was implementing all the strategies and theories and was able to reach her desired result and is now rocking her body all over the place.

    Jessica reported that, “With Michelle’s support and guidance I am now truly enjoying the way I feel about my body, I have lost the weight I desired, and have adapted an exercise routine that suits me, not enslaves me”

  • The Cynical Success

    Dave was a referral and definitely not my typical client. He was as analytical as they come and worked at a large corporation where he was very successful. He was so smart it almost got in the way of opening his mind big enough to accept what can be possible. When we met he let me know that he was single and wasn’t comfortable dating in his current body and that he desperately wanted to remove the weight. When I spoke he listened intently, and analyzed everything to make sense in his mind. It was clear to me that he needed to let go of his cynical approach to his body and life and step into a very uncomfortable place… faith. Since one can’t analyze faith he was very skeptical but also very committed to the change he desired in his body.

    After a few months he reported “significant, desired changes in my eating behavior” and he had even dropped his cynicism! To me this was the most important part as his cynical view of the world and results was the biggest pattern holding him back.

All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the clients

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