Does losing weight really mean losing yourself?

 I am coming out of a fog of crying, diapers and wipes… as well as smiles, coos and cuddles.

Yes having a newborn is definitely hard work but it’s getting easier each week. As Rome is doing better with napping during the day I decided to use this time to shower, eat and create a FREE video course for you!

I have a question for you:

Do you feel like losing weight is just a never ending journey of diets where you are left feeling like there is something wrong with you for not keeping the weight off?

Dieters always tell me how they know what they should do to lose weight and yet they just aren’t doing it. You blame yourself for not keeping the weight off. You tell yourself you have a willpower problem. That you need to make this diet a “lifestyle change” BLECH!

I created a course starting Monday, June 22nd and you can grab it FREE over here.


I know what it feels like to try it all and have it fail. And I blamed myself every step of the way. I told myself…

  • I could work harder
  • I could sweat more
  • I could eat less
  • I could eat healthier 

And in the end I was left exhausted, frustrated and obsessed with my body.

Aren’t you ready for a different approach?

My FREE crash course starts Monday.

I want you to walk away thinking “there is nothing wrong with me”.

And if you have friends or family who you think might be interested in this, please send them to this link to sign up:


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