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My digestion has improved. My obsession with calories has ended. I have been practicing mindfulness in all areas of my life, and it is truly reducing my stress level and removing pressures which is providing me with calmness and assurance. I am just feeling so much love and gratitude today I'm tearing up.

Jody Prusia

I loved Michelle's gentle approach to weight loss. As a result I have lost 20 lbs and felt good and encouraged the entire way.

Claudia Norman

I am no longer depriving myself, and I have lost 6 pounds in the first month eating exactly the same foods I ate before. Dieting definitely does not work, this does.

John Woodworth

I learned to "confront" my emotions & what I was really feeling. I liked the fact that even though we were all there "trying" to lose weight, the approach helped in weight loss because it was "life learning"; not just another "Weight loss" scheme.

Sandy Kunkle

It's not always easy to speak out about what I have considered my failures or weaknesses; but through Michelle I have learned to accept myself as more than just my weight and I now feel free to talk about my concerns without judgement.

Sheila Phelps

Michelle has inspired me so much. I started struggling with my weight after I had my second child. Instead of being thankful to my body for producing such loving, beautiful, and wonderful children I was so caught up in the look thin stigma. I want to teach my girls how to just love them from inside so they won't have these battles

Jasmine Markanday