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I are committed to providing weight loss help to dieters worldwide, regardless of circumstances – and that means offering plenty of free resources! From my e-Books, to my tele-seminars, to my blog articles, I offer a variety of free weight loss resources on a wide range of food, exercise and body topics. Take a look below!

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Mindfulness-Based Weight Reduction

Neuroscientists have proven there is a mind-body connection, yet the dieting industry tried desperately to convince you to ignore this powerful tool. Learn the 8 simple steps to understand why your weight keeps coming back.

Top three reasons to attend this webinar:

  • Research has shown a mind-body connection even though the dieting industry attempts to work against it.
  • There are physiologic reasons why the body gains weight again and again, and it's time you understood it.
  • You're mis-using the most powerful weight loss tool that you already own.
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A New Approach to Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered why you keep trying diet after diet and never seem to get permanent results?

  • Do you HATE hearing that the reason the weight comes back on is because you haven't made it a "lifestyle change"?
  • Are you sick of hearing the same old weight loss advice over and over only to feel like you aren't working hard enough to get results?
  • Do you want to feel free in your body and eliminate the fear of weight gain for good?
  • Do you want to receive a plan that isn't cookie cutter and actually works for you?
  • Do you want to simply eat food without overeating, move your body without compulsion and stop fighting with your body?
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No Diet Starter Kit

Are you sick and tired of dieting and ready for permanent weight loss results? Have you been wondering why you are trying everything and yet nothing is working?

In Your "No-Diet" Starter Kit You Will Receive the Following:

  • The 7 Reasons Why Traditional Diets Don't Work MP3
  • "How to Let go of Dieting" eBook
  • The Mindful Eating Challenge: Go from worry about what you eat to mastery over how your eat
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The Weight Loss Shift Book Bonuses

Your Bonuses Include:

  • The Weight Loss Shift Workbook
  • Become Someone Who Gets Results Self Hypnosis MP3
  • Being One with Your Food Self Hypnosis MP3
  • Being One with Your Movement Self Hypnosis MP3
  • Being One with Your Body Self Hypnosis MP3
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12 Days of Weight Loss

The 12 Days of Weight Loss Call Series Will Give To You…

  • 1 surefire way to create weight loss results when nothing else has worked
  • 2 strategies to find fire and excitement to avoid stopping points
  • 3 ways to ensure you get it right this time
  • 4 principles you may have never thought to apply to weight loss
  • 5 things only those who are really ready for results are willing to do
  • 6 mistakes most people make during the holidays
  • 7 ideas to eliminate procrastination
  • 8 tips to create new habits that stick
  • 9 principles for “a glass half full” outlook no matter what
  • 10 myths busted that stop you from getting results that last
  • 11 surefire ways to increase results and decrease stress
  • 12 strategies to eliminate anything in your life that doesn’t serve you and your body
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