I haven’t forgotten…

Mail Attachment-19I know, I know.. I promised you WEEKS ago that I would include pictures of my bachelorette party, but my friend has yet to send them to me, sooooo

I have some pics from my Mail Attachment-69bridal shower instead. So not as juicy I get it but it’s something right? Moving on to more important matters, my flippin book is here. I mean right here in my hands (well not at this moment obviously) but here in my home very much alive.

So let’s just recap the insanity shall we?

  • One… I am getting married in 5 weeks
  • Two… As you read from my post a couple weeks ago I had to leave my gym and find a new home to help people lose weight here in Paradise, CA
  • Three…. My book is out

Pretty nutso isn’t it?! BTW I just typed the word “nutso” 6 times because auto correct refused to allow that into my post.

Moving on to what’s really important here… you.

You can take a deep dive into the weight loss database that is my head through my book. And it’s less than $15. Pretty good deal huh?

Here is the latest review we have received:

“Wow, wow, wow.  Every page of this book encompasses an ‘A-HA’ moment.  I have never heard of weight-loss spoken like this before and it has been a long time coming!  This book can make the difference between bodies we love and the self-hate propaganda that has become the norm; and I have unofficially adopted it as the “body guide” to ‘Living Wild and Wise’.  This is required reading; for you, those you love, your wild and wise mothers, daughters, sisters, friends.”

“Michelle Hastie has struck a chord that I hope will resonate across the continents.  This book touches on so many of the principles of Wild and Wise Women ~ Breathe, Surrender, Trust, Be ~ I was excited as I read her wisdom and did the assignments.  The brilliance inside these pages will take you deeper than you’ve ever gone before in this weight-loss riddle we keep trying to solve.  This is the how-to manual, the final word on the subject, and the map that will take us home to body love, acceptance,  optimum personal health, and well-being once and for all.”

Christa xo, A Wild and Wise Woman

I really, really, really, really want you to live in a body you love. You absolutely should live in a body you love. And you should most certainly let go of dieting once and for all.

There is no reason to punish yourself. Remember: Excess weight is happening for you not to you. Allow it to teach you what you need to learn and enjoy life love.

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Michelle Hastie

As a Mindset Mentor and Results Coach, Michelle Hastie teaches conscious entrepreneurs how to live their absolute truth in order to live in their ideal bodies forever. If your body isn’t you, then your negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns aren’t you either. It’s time to change who you are being in order to live your most incredible life, in a body you love. FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus

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