Not sure what Total Body Health is all about?

I am sure you have tried hundreds of various methods and programs for weight loss and you are probably wondering... can I really do another?
That's why I am offering you 3 of my most popular programs for only $10.

Mindfulness-Based Weight Reduction in 3 Easy Programs.

These 3 programs come with workbooks, videos and/or audios to help you begin your journey into mindfulness-based weight reduction. You may find that they are all you need to achieve your best body and life. Or begin here and decide your next step into supporting yourself on your journey to wholehearted living and fulfillment.

Perhaps you’re still not convinced? Well, here’s what some of the women I help say about me:

"My biggest fear is being vulnerable. It's not always easy to speak out about what I have considered my failures or weaknesses; but through Michelle I have learned to accept myself as more than just my weight and I now feel free to talk about my concerns without judgement". - Sheila Phelps

"Michelle's online program has given me the opportunity to repeatedly strengthen what I am learning in each lesson by being able to chase down any uncomfortable thoughts until I have my "ah-hah!" moment and can release those negative tapes in my head and fully embrace my truth. I am able to do this in part by her brilliantly laid out pathways in each lesson "If you are feeling stuck on this idea or need more support, try this lesson/program next…". Her program has been transformative and allows me to continually move forward towards my ideal self." - Katrina Gossage

Ready to get started? Just click the button below to make your one-time payment of $10 and you will be on your way!

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