Is the dieting industry filled with too much arrogance?

About a month ago I wrote a post about my less than ideal interaction with a health organization. As I have distanced myself from it I am still left with a bad taste in my mouth. Why? Because of the absolute arrogance of people supposedly in charge of our health.

Too often we are being mislead into health beliefs because they are supposedly backed up with factual research and evidence. But we all know how the scientific research game really works.

And yet you turn on the news, open a newspaper or magazine and there it is staring at us with it’s blinding evidence.

“Sugar is the enemy”

“Gluten causes belly fat”

“Green tea speeds up metabolism”

These headlines are stated as if they are true for every person, all the time. And I am left wondering… is this simply too arrogant?

When someone makes a claim for the world, especially a health claim, good intentions or not, most people will adopt it as truth. This then creates a set of responses. And yet, the claim has no traceable evidence.

In other words, who is telling you what to believe?

And furthermore, how is a claim made by someone, somewhere dictating your choices in your life?

I have heard stories of people who have intuitively felt they needed to adjust their diet in some way. And then an “expert” makes a claim that directly conflicts with what this person originally felt was true for them. And so… they follow the expert.

I’ll say this much… I don’t believe any health claims no matter how much research backs it up. The only beliefs I have are based on personal research. I know for certain that too much dairy makes me feel like shit. Even if 72,000 studies came out saying that milk is the best thing on the planet, I still wouldn’t drink it.

How many claims have you bought into and how much perusal research have you done to create your own set of health beliefs?

Also, how is the health industries arrogance influencing your results?

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