It’s time for me to focus on becoming a mom

I am beginning my maternity leave. I plan to take the next 2-3 months to prepare and be with my son. 

With that said I am sure I will have insightful moments and be dying to share them with you! So you may still hear from me, I am just not making any promises.

I will however post a picture of the baby, I promise you that.

As I prepare for maternity leave I wanted to remind you that you can still heal your relationship with your food, exercise and your body through Total Body Wellness.

You will receive all the programs you need to move yourself along in this transformative process. It’s dirt cheap and it works. So as I am off to be with my little one I would love to hear all your success!

Go check it out and let’s come back in a few months and discuss how completely different and incredible our lives are shall we?!

About The Author

Michelle Hastie

Michelle Hastie is a weight loss coach and author with expertise in personal training, food psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and yoga. Through her company, Total Body Health Solutions, she is blessed with the gift of helping individuals eat when they are hungry, stop when they are full, and move their bodies without force. She has a master’s degree in human behavior and is pursuing a doctorate in health psychology to further promote the art and science of weight loss through mind-body awareness. Hastie helps people learn to love their bodies and transform their lives through her Absolute Love Publishing books, The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less, The Chakra Secret: What Your Body Is Telling You, and Have Your Cake and Be Happy, Too: A Joyful Approach to Weight Loss. She also is a contributor to the Amazon category bestseller, Women Will Save the World.