Would you like to Decrease Hunger, Eliminate Sugar Cravings, and Eat Less Automatically?

Without tracking all your food, counting your calories, or relying on wavering willpower...


Reprograms the brain to only crave food for hunger.


Realigns the body + brain to work together instead of using external methods to lose weight.


Recalibrates the body to the ideal, optimal environment to burn fat.

  • Have you ever felt genetically predisposed or “programmed” to be heavy? 
  • Or if you gained weight later in life does it just keep getting harder and harder?
  • Have you been yo-yo dieting for at least 3 years if not 30?!
  • And what about late night binge eating... ever experience that?
  • And at the end of the day, if you ate the exact way your body wants you to eat, and set up an optimal fat-burning environment, wouldn't that eliminate ALL your weight problems forever?

Long-Term Weight Loss is Impossible If We Don't Fix The Mind-Hunger Mechanism

The Hunger Echo:

  • Have you noticed that as long as you can stick to a plan that asks you to avoid foods you do pretty well for a while? 
  • But as soon as you get even a taste of that food everything gets off track? 
  • Or have you noticed that when you see, smell, or even think about food it can set off a feeding frenzy
  • This is because of the hunger echo. 
  • We must reprogram the brain to eliminate the hunger echo. 
  • It can be triggered by hunger, emotions, boredom, deprivation, or any other reason we think about food. 


  • Many women in their 50s are eating healthy food and exercising and not seeing their weight budge. 
  • This means the body is stuck in fat-storing. 
  • We are told it's because of age and hormones but I have been able to prove this incorrect with my clients. 
  • But, when the body is in this state, nothing works as it's supposed to. 
  • We must recalibrate the body to stop storing fat when it has no reason to.

Why it Works

The R3 Program recalibrates the body and reprograms the brain to function optimally the way you were designed at birth (without control or manipulation)

The 3 Phases of the R3 Program

Phase One is The MHR Diet to Reprogram Your Brain To Only Crave The Food Your Body Needs

  • Once the body is not being overfed the internal state becomes less stressed. 
  • It would be like removing 100 items on your to-do list for the day. 
  • The body easily releases the weight from the extra calories.

Phase Two is The Effective Movement Program Which Realigns The Internal State of the Body From "Fight or Flight" to "Rest and Digest". 

  • Through small daily tasks that any woman can do, the internal state of the body naturally shifts even if life feels stressful. 
  • This ideal internal state creates a fat-burning environment to amplify your weight loss results in a way that can be maintained.

Phase Three is The 8 Habits of Success to Recalibrate the Brain to Stop Overriding the Body Through Emotional, Mindless, or Binge Eating. 

  • Women often experience multiple triggers to eat outside of hunger. 
  • When the brain is making the decisions, overconsumption can happen and guilt and shame usually follow. 
  • Following the R3 Program automatically shuts off the hunger echo and eliminates eating triggers that aren't true hunger.

Who it's For

The R3 Program is For Women Who Are Not Losing Weight Permanently, Feel Like They Eat Too Much, And Don’t Know What To Do Because They've Tried Everything.

At the peak of my weight battle, I thought something was wrong with my body because it just couldn't seem to burn fat consistently or permanently. I also thought there was something wrong with my brain because I would say I wanted to lose weight but then by the end of the day I had made 25 trips to the pantry. I felt insane and I couldn't see a way out.

Countless studies show the correlation between external-based weight loss methods and weight gain, slower metabolism, disordered eating patterns, eating disorders, lower leptin levels, and the list goes on and on.

If your current body doesn't feel like it's running optimally, your eating is erratic bouncing between restriction and rebellion, and you'd like an easy to follow process that creates permanent changes in the body and brain... the R3 Program is for you.

This program is invitation only. Therefore, your next step is to click the button below, apply, and jump on a quick call so I can be sure this is the right fit for both of us. 

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