My Labor Story

At 2am I was awoken for one of the many bathroom breaks my body required at almost 42 weeks pregnant. But this time when I stood up I felt a warm rush of water and I knew my water had broken. It was finally time to meet our baby.

Being that I had tested positive for Group B strep I was advised to get to the hospital quickly after my water broke to begin antibiotics in order to protect the baby. So my husband and I made our way to the hospital with anticipation and excitement.

If you read my post about the sort of labor I desired you will expect the rest of this story to discuss soothing music, deep breathing and a challenging, yet peaceful labor ending with a natural birth to our baby. What really happened… well in case you thought you were in control of anything, you’re not.

After being admitted to the hospital they began my antibiotics and advised me to try to go to sleep. I wasn’t having contractions yet and it’s best to start as rested as possible. In the morning my midwife showed up to see how much I had progressed… my heart sank when she said…

“1 1/2 centimeters”

I knew that wasn’t good news, and then she said my first fear out loud… “I’d like to start the Piton to start your labor”. For those of you who don’t know what Pitocin is, it is a drug that creates very strong contractions to move the process along quicker. And so the journey began…

After 11 hours of induced labor with no pain medication and back pain due to the baby sitting face up in the cervix, my midwife came in to check my progress. I burst into tears when I heard…

“3 centimeters”

I said I couldn’t do it anymore, I couldn’t withstand the pain for days, and at the speed I was progressing it would take that long. She advised a drug which they put in my IV that allowed me to sleep in between contractions for about 2 minutes and then wake up to the peak of the contraction. She advised the use of this drug because they needed to up the dosage of Pitocin, which meant more painful contractions than before.

After hours of painful peaks, she came in to check me again. I figured with contractions that strong at only 2 minutes apart, the news had to be better. And she said….

“4 centimeters”

She lovingly looked into my eyes and said, “I think its time for an epidural”. At this point I was looking for anything to relieve the pain. So I quickly agreed to be put out of my misery. Especially since, once again, they were going to be pumping more Pitocin, which meant even more painful contractions.

After receiving the epidural I felt instant relief and I quickly fell asleep. After several hours it was time to check the progress. At this point it had been 26 hours since my water broke. And she said…

“6 centimeters”

And I knew what was coming next… “I highly advise a C-section,” she said.

And I knew better to argue. My body was trying to tell me something. I knew there was a reason I wasn’t progressing and I never argue with my body. So I nodded and they quickly prepped me for surgery.
10653380_823487394406046_4239418470340535695_nOn April 25th at 5:04 am Rome Nicklas Thompson was born at 8lbs 10oz.

I share this story not to receive pity, after all, I received a beautiful, healthy baby in the end. I share it because it’s a reminder that we control nothing and we must trust our bodies.

My midwife shared with me that she strongly believes he would have gotten stuck at the shoulders had I delivered vaginally. He was too big, my pelvis too small. There was a reason my body wasn’t progressing and I never argued with one step of the process.

I had a birth plan, and I experienced the complete opposite and that is okay. Expectations are a funny thing… it’s okay to have them as long as we don’t become attached to them.

Where in life are you experiencing a false sense of control? Do you believe that if you exercise and eat a certain way that you can control your body?

Use this story as a reminder that your body is in charge. The more we let go, and the better the outcome.

I don’t know what would have happened to my baby had I resisted the process, had I refused the recommendations from my midwife, and ultimately my body. My gut says it wouldn’t have been better and I always trust my intuition.

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