My Vision for Childbirth

As I’ve been enjoying some R&R waiting for the arrival of baby Rome I began to look into this idea of childbirth. From the moment I became pregnant I had a vision for how childbirth would go for me.

I knew there would be pain as my body did what it needed to do to prepare and ultimately release this miracle into the world, but I also felt it would be a calm, spiritual experience. People would ask if I felt fearful and I would answer honestly, “No” I feel my body has been built to do this.

To be clear I never assumed the process would be easy, just without resistance. That whatever came up I would be able to greet with calmness. That I would look back and think, “What an incredible spiritual journey childbirth was.” And I held on to this vision with excitement and relaxation as the date drew nearer.

And as I ventured out into town and spoke with peers I was instantly bombarded with opposing beliefs…

“Oh my god it’s so painful you have no idea what you are in for”

“Just get the drugs, it’s not worth the pain”

“Good luck getting through that experience”

And the list goes on and on.

Now I consider myself to be an intuitive person. It is what I teach after all with weight loss. And yet, being in this space of naivety (having never birthed a baby before) and hearing stories from others that I couldn’t help but hold in my mind as experts (being that they had been through it) I couldn’t help but become nervous. And before long my vision that I held so dearly in my mind was replaced with fear…

“What if I can’t do it?”

“What if the pain is too much?”

“What if I am fooling myself about this experience?”

Before I knew it the anxiety was keeping me awake at night and my midwife became concerned for the first time during my entire pregnancy about my blood pressure and possibly pre-eclampsia.

I knew something was off… I knew my body and intuition were speaking to me, telling me to stop listening to others and focus on what I know to be true.

So no, I am not an expert in child birth. I have never done it before. But I am an expert in me. And every experience in my life that I greet without resistance and with calm, relaxing energy has been incredible. Not always easy. Maybe not without complications, but nevertheless, it became an enjoyable, spiritual experience for me.

And now I look forward to my delivery day. I have no attachment to the things that unfold, because I cannot control what ultimately happens. I am however certain, that the day will be peaceful and spiritual. That I can in fact do it, and most likely without medial intervention. That I can be present with pain without resistance. And as my anxiety melts away, and my blood pressure lowers I am given confirmation that this is in alignment with what I know for sure.

I create my own reality… with everything. I don’t need or want to control anything, but I can create experiences that serve me always. I can influence my childbirth and even my introduction into newborn-hood. And for those of you who disagree, please do, but not in my presence. That’s your story and I have mine.

About The Author

Michelle Hastie

Michelle Hastie is a weight loss coach and author with expertise in personal training, food psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and yoga. Through her company, Total Body Health Solutions, she is blessed with the gift of helping individuals eat when they are hungry, stop when they are full, and move their bodies without force. She has a master’s degree in human behavior and is pursuing a doctorate in health psychology to further promote the art and science of weight loss through mind-body awareness. Hastie helps people learn to love their bodies and transform their lives through her Absolute Love Publishing books, The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less, The Chakra Secret: What Your Body Is Telling You, and Have Your Cake and Be Happy, Too: A Joyful Approach to Weight Loss. She also is a contributor to the Amazon category bestseller, Women Will Save the World.