Check out the results from those that enjoyed our freebies all the way to those that worked with me privately. These individuals are incredible and the results speak for themselves. It's an honor to do this work.

I learned to "confront" my emotions & what I was really feeling. I liked the fact that even though we were all there "trying" to lose weight, the approach helped in weight loss because it was "life learning"; not just another "Weight loss" scheme. I also liked the "small" # of people, not a big group; I found people who were having the same problems as myself.

Sandra Kunkle, The Weight Loss Shift, Intuitive Weight Loss Group

My favorite part of Michelle's work is the email updates and that I could work at my own pace. Michelle makes the shift simple, flexible and inspiring! I lost some weight and empowered myself to work in a side business! Overall, this work makes me feel empowered and unstoppable.

Mary Argetsinger , The Weight Loss Shift

My biggest fear when starting this work was that if I stopped dieting I would gain weight. Instead I'm actually still losing weight and feel amazing emotionally and physically. This is about transforming your life in order to become your ideal self - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My mindset has gone from being very negative to very positive, I feel my transformation in so many little ways and I am in tune with my body. I am loving how I look and feel. (I've lost several more lbs/inches), I'm trying new things and making time for what I want. While working with Michelle I found it to be incredibly insightful, moving, and energizing as she is very easy to communicate and connect with.

Katrina Gossage , Intuitive Weight Loss Group, The Weight Loss Shift, Total Body Wellness Online Program

Michelle did a wonderful job with Total Body Wellness and provides you with great content and great materials. Honestly, it's ridiculously underpriced for what you receive. Michelle is a wonderful and talented speaker, writer and coach. She is wise beyond her years. I highly recommend her work!

Sandi Lee, Total Body Wellness

My biggest fear when beginning work with Michelle was being vulnerable. It's not always easy to speak out loud about what I have considered my failures or weaknesses; but in the process, I have learned to accept myself as more than just my weight. I loved being able to be free to talk about concerns without judgement. Since working with Michelle my self worth and self esteem have improved and I felt like I was talking with a best friend. I never felt like I was failing. I thought I was on a quest to lose weight..but actually I was on a path to find me. I'll leave you with this: take the journey...the destination may be different than think.

Sheila Phelps, The Weight Loss Shift, No Diet Starter Kit, Private Coaching

I loved Michelle's gentle approach to weight loss. As a result I have lost 20 lbs and felt good and encouraged the entire way.

Claudia Norman, Intuitive Weight Loss Group

After buying Michelle's book I'd say this book is different than the others and is really good and really helps you. I was afraid that it would just be another book that I wasted my money on because it wouldn't really help me. I don't think I'm going to be disappointed. I just got it today and started reading it. It sounds different that the other books and programs I've bought about weight loss. so far I'm really liking it.

Pamela Glenn, The Weight Loss Shift

Michelle has inspired me so much. I started struggling with my weight after I had my second child. Instead of being thankful to my body for producing such loving, beautiful, and wonderful children I was so caught up in the look thin stigma. I cried while listening to Michelle as the things she said applied to me directly. Finally, I have let go of dieting. I am trying to listen to my body and eat when I am hungry. I am hoping to learn how to just love myself and accept myself now instead of waiting when I am 50 pounds lighter. I want to teach my girls how to just love them from inside so they won't have these battles.

Jasmine Markanday, No Diet Starter Kit

I believe testimonials are fantastic, but I am also a huge fan of understanding individual stories, especially since we are all so much alike on our journey to our ideal body. Click Here to read through past clients stories and how they came to find their ideal bodies and lives.