The Case of the “I Cant’s”

woman-on-couchHave you ever said to yourself “I can’t”?

And then did someone totally obnoxiously say, “Never say can’t!”?
Thanks for the outstanding advice right?
The truth is everyone thinks they can’t do something they’ve never done before. The difference between people who make progress and people who stay stuck is some people say “I can’t” and do it anyway.
Most of you aren’t just saying, “I can’t” either, you are most likely saying, “What if I can’t?”
Anytime I am making a big decision or any scary change my first thought is always, “What if I can’t do it?” 
When I was contemplating renting office space a couple of weeks ago I ran through all the ways it could be a complete and utter disaster in my mind. I reminded myself of all the times I have failed in my business and how much money I have lost. I even brought up all the past times I have been late on bills, seen my account overdrawn and had to dodge calls from creditors. 
And after all those memories soared through my mind I thought to myself, “So what?”
What does anything in the past have to do with my decision in the present and my desires for the future. And so with all the fear and all the previous statements floating around my head of what a failure I could be, I said yes.
Think about all the decisions you have made that really made no logical sense. Having kids for example doesn’t really make logical sense.
It’s more expensive, it’s a ton more work, you give up a lot and you could potentially royally screw up as a parent. And yet, we say yes.
Losing weight without dieting may not make logical sense, and it certainly brings up a ton of fear and a whole lot of, “I cant’s”, and yet I am asking you to say yes anyway.
One thing I hear a lot of when people are contemplating working with me is that they are afraid they can’t or won’t do the work. They are so concerned about being a good student, pleasing me, seeking approval and most of all getting results so everyone around them can see they are worthy, they forget to ask themselves what it is they really want.
So I will ask you that question. What do you really want? And if you want weight loss without dieting, click here.
Remember, we all start off thinking we can’t do it, and when you do it anyway you suddenly realize you can.
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Michelle Hastie

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