The Hidden Dangers of Weight Watchers or “WW”

Weight Watchers has recently gone through a re-branding process to become, wait for it…. 


They probably realized that people are sick and tired of watching their weight for the duration of their lives.

To be fair, I believe Weight Watchers has good intentions and genuinely wants to help people become healthier and thinner.

What they don’t realize is the farther they jump in the rabbit hole of co-mingling weight and health, the more dysfunction and disorder they will spread.

When looking at weight from a health and wellness perspective, it makes sense that we would just help people understand how to live healthily and teach them habits to live this healthy lifestyle. 

On the surface, it appears harmless. 

It appears noble and honorable.

From a psychology perspective though, it’s dangerous.

The most dangerous thing a weight loss company can do is blend health and weight. 


Because no, it’s technically not healthy for someone to eat doughnuts for breakfast.

However, if they wake up each morning wanting doughnuts for breakfast, the solution is straightforward….

Permit them to eat doughnuts for breakfast every single day. 

But if you are focusing on health, you can’t give someone permission to do that. So you won’t. 

But avoidance WILL NEVER WORK.

I literally can’t say that any louder.  You know the saying… “what you resist, persists.”

You may be able to use willpower and avoidance tactics for a period to not eat the doughnuts for breakfast…

You could even work your points to allow you to eat doughnuts for breakfast…

But you will still believe that it’s wrong, dangerous, and unhealthy. And your digestion, metabolism, and brain will remind you of that over and over again.

So you have to flip it. 

You have to convince someone that it’s no big deal to eat doughnuts for breakfast every single day. You have to give them full freedom and permission to fulfill their cravings. You have to trust that eventually, they will say, “I don’t want doughnuts for breakfast” all on their own without any of your micro-managing.

Which is impossible, if you are just focusing on “health.” 

And in case you think I am crazy to give a person who has a history of food issues permission to eat doughnuts for breakfast, don’t worry, I know what I am doing. 

Do you know what is possible when you convince someone that they have autonomy and free choice where they previously believed they didn’t?

They relax.

They move from irrational to rational.

They feel free.

But only if they are taught how to eat. Chances are, if they have battled weight for any period, HOW they eat, is the biggest problem.

And until Weight Watchers or WW makes these types of changes they are merely taking a diet and calling it something else.

You’re not fooling me WW. However, I credit you for trying. 

If you want to get it right though, you’re going to need to bring in an expert on food psychology. Someone with a background in eating disorders and disordered eating patterns. 

Someone who understands the danger behind seemingly harmless statements like, “this is a healthy eating plan.” 

I’m here if you need me WW, until then, I will keep helping one person at a time un-do the mess that is the weight loss industry.

About The Author

Michelle Hastie

Michelle Hastie is a weight loss coach and author with expertise in personal training, food psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and yoga. Through her company, Total Body Health Solutions, she is blessed with the gift of helping individuals eat when they are hungry, stop when they are full, and move their bodies without force. She has a master’s degree in human behavior and is pursuing a doctorate in health psychology to further promote the art and science of weight loss through mind-body awareness. Hastie helps people learn to love their bodies and transform their lives through her Absolute Love Publishing books, The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less, The Chakra Secret: What Your Body Is Telling You, and Have Your Cake and Be Happy, Too: A Joyful Approach to Weight Loss. She also is a contributor to the Amazon category bestseller, Women Will Save the World.