The Truth About Luck

I am very clear that I can attract whatever I desire into my life… some people call this luck. I assure you it’s not luck.

I have won amazing things in my life. When I enter contests I am almost always a finalist or a winner. I don’t say this to brag, but to make a point. The reason this is true is because I know without any doubt that I will be.

I used to believe that people who had things that I desired were lucky, especially when it came easy to them. I noticed this with weight loss as well. People will meet me now, with all my excess weight removed and think, “she can’t teach me how to lose weight she’s just lucky and is thin.” This couldn’t be farther from the truth. And it’s not about working super hard either. I know there are people who are thin who religiously count their calories and work out 2 hrs a day…

In order to be the person who appears lucky you must have unwavering faith. You must believe in something bigger than you, some possibility you have not yet experienced. You must master believing in what you cannot see. And then you will appear to be the luckiest person on the planet.

Most recently I submitted an entry to be a contestant on Tea Silvestre’s web based reality show “Prosperity’s Kitchen.” When I submitted the entry I just knew I would make it as a contestant… and so I did.

I have never participated in a web based reality show and I am very excited to do so! I get to participate in missions each week that are centered around marketing and I am looking to win the grand prize worth $10,000!

I would love for you to join me and watch as I work thorough missions and practice my unwavering faith as I move towards the grand prize package.

You can join me over here, and play along and win a prize package of your own!

Thanks in advance for your cheerleading!

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Michelle Hastie

As a Mindset Mentor and Results Coach, Michelle Hastie teaches conscious entrepreneurs how to live their absolute truth in order to live in their ideal bodies forever. If your body isn’t you, then your negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns aren’t you either. It’s time to change who you are being in order to live your most incredible life, in a body you love. FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus

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  • Shaun

    Reply Reply December 18, 2012

    I completely agree! Especially about the unwavering faith. There are even times when I can feel doubt creep into my heart even though my head knows better…I hate when that happens 😉 As a fellow contestant, I look forward to playing the game with you. I wish you the best, because luck…you just don’t need it!

  • janet

    Reply Reply December 19, 2012

    I’m the exact same way! I’m always a winner or 2nd place/finalists in contests!! There have been so many times I’ve been thisclose to winning. And I’ve also been lucky enough to win some pretty cool door prize raffles including an XBox360 and high powered green smoothie blender. And yes, when I submitted my entry, I had the winning faith to just *know* I’d be a contestant. And I am 🙂

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