Why chasing weight loss doesn’t work

waterhand29 Chasing success is like trying to squeeze a handful of water. The tighter you squeeze, the less water you get. When you chase it, your life becomes the chase, and you become a victim of always wanting more. Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer passing is hard to take. He is one of my most favorite mentors and I credit him for so much of my personal transformation. Right now on amazon you can grab his books for $1.99… I recommend you buy all of them. Serioulsy. Do it.

The quote above is from his book, “Everyday Wisdom for Success”. It’s a book of quotes and they are of course brilliant.

What happens if you try and squeeze a handful of water? It runs through your fingers and you are left with nothing.

This is a perfect metaphor for what happens when you chase the perfect body. You can chase that size or number all you want but the tighter you squeeze, the less you get.

Your life becomes consumed with losing weight. This is why all of my clients are thrown off course when the first thing I ask them to do is stop trying to lose weight.

It’s through Wayne Dyer’s words that you can see this so clearly. When you remove your focus off the chase you set yourself free of being that victim to wanting more. You’ve been there before… You lose weight, so now you want to lose more. You say your goal is ### lbs, and then you keep moving the goal post. Never satisfied.

When you look back at pictures of yourself years ago when you were so desperate to be thinner you say, “I’d kill to have that body again.”

So what can you desire instead?

People who have never struggled with weight, especially those that are easily inclined to work out and to eat healthy, don’t understand why those who want weight loss so bad just can’t go to the gym, or eat less food.

They don’t understand the chase. They are probably chasing something else in life and experiencing the water run through their fingertips, but they don’t see the connection to weight.

We have to stop judging each other.

I’ve lived as someone who forced themselves to go to the gym and eat less and I’ve also lived as someone who naturally finds themselves at the gym and eating less. Each way of living has far more to do with what I was chasing than anything else.

Change your desires, and your results change. Or as Wayne Dyer says, “Change your Thoughts, Change your Life.”

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