Why you overeat and binge eat over and over again and what to do about it

You know the feeling you get when you ate that extra serving of dinner and are uncomfortably full?

Or when you make 12 trips to the kitchen after dinner when you know you couldn’t possibly be hungry?

Often times we call this guilt. I feel guilty that I ate all that food. I shouldn’t have done it.

I used to spend hours in guilt. Lose sleep because of guilt. And I would have done absolutely anything to release the feeling of guilt. Or so I thought.

Guilt is something you feel towards a behavior. For example, “that choice I made last night wasn’t the best.”

It allows you to be accountable and make a different decision next time.

What I felt however, was not guilt. It was shame.

I have recently been listening to Brene Brown, a brilliant shame and vulnerability expert and I am as impressed as always.

Shame is something you feel about yourself. For example, “I can’t believe I ate so much last night, I am weak and pathetic.”

Shame exists in the dark. Therefore shining light on it is the best way to eliminate it.

In order to eliminate over eating and binge eating we must talk about shame. We must expose the shame you feel about food, exercise and your body.

You are not weak because you eat outside of hunger.

You are not lazy because you don’t workout.

The decisions you are making are heavily guided by the degree of shame you feel. Because shaming someone only drives them to the behavior more. It certainly doesn’t inspire them to change it.

Brene says, “An addict needs shame, like a man dying of thirst needs salt water.”

How has shame showed up in your life? Are you ready to eliminate it? For less than $50 our virtual classroom gives you the tools you need to eliminate shame and embrace vulnerability.

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