I bet you're wondering why the heck you can't just get the weight off, keep it off, and move on with your life?

  • We know that people are consuming more food than their body wants and often times too much of the wrong kind of food...
  • We have TONS of programs to change the behaviors of people so that they eat healthier food more often without over consuming...
  • And yet... we are still back at the same problem. Ready to learn why?

What are Disordered Eating Patterns?

  • Anytime we use food restriction, struggle with binge eating, or purge (vomiting, excessive exercise, and use of diet pills and/ or laxatives).
  • When we get our self-worth from our body shape and weight
  • When we have an inaccurate view of our own body
  • Participating in excessive or rigid exercise routine
  • Participating in obsessive calorie counting
  • Feeling afraid to eat certain foods or food groups
  • An overall rigid approach to eating (only eating certain foods, inflexible meal times, refusal to eat in restaurants or outside of one’s own home)

So What the Heck Do We Do About It?!

  • Awareness

    You’re probably used to becoming hyper aware of your food and exercise through food journals, calorie counting, and your smart watch or FitBit. This type of “awareness” increases disordered eating patterns while it decreases weight. So we end up worse off in the long run. We need a different kind of awareness.

  • Food Confusion

    Every diet we do decreases the connection between ourselves and our body which makes it impossible to hear our hunger and fullness cues. We are left feeling confused as to what to eat and completely reliant on a diet, meal plan, or person to tell us what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. We have to increase our connection to our body so we can rely on ourselves instead of a diet.

  • Pleasure

    We have to allow food to be pleasurable in order for it to be satisfying. We can override pleasure and satisfaction for a period of time with willpower and discipline but eventually we will give in. Due to years of deprivation this will not be a small slip and we are left feeling ashamed and disappointed in ourselves.

My Gift To You!

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This will help you bring awareness to the right things while creating more body connection and pleasure.

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