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Would you like to Decrease Hunger, Eliminate Sugar Cravings, and Eat Less Automatically?

Introducing... The R3 Program. The R3 Program is a 3-phase weight loss program that reprograms, realigns, + recalibrates the body to crave only the food it needs while rewiring the brain to align with the body for long-term weight loss.

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The 3 Phases of the R3 Program

Phase One is The MHR Diet to Reprogram Your Brain To Only Crave The Food Your Body Needs.

No more, no less. Once the body is not being overfed the internal state becomes less stressed. It would be like removing 100 items on your to-do list for the day. The body easily releases the weight from the extra calories.

Phase Two is The Effective Movement Program Which Realigns The Internal State of the Body From "Fight or Flight" to "Rest and Digest".

Through small daily tasks that any woman can do, the internal state of the body naturally shifts even if life feels stressful. This ideal internal state creates a fat-burning environment to amplify your weight loss results in a way that can be maintained.

Phase Three is The 8 Habits of Success to Recalibrate the Brain to Stop Overriding the Body Through Emotional, Mindless, or Binge Eating.

Women often experience multiple triggers to eat outside of hunger. When the brain is making the decisions, overconsumption can happen and guilt and shame usually follow. Following the R3 Program automatically shuts off the hunger echo and eliminates eating triggers that aren't true hunger.

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