5 Questions to Ask Before Doing Keto

I saw this article showing the incredible transformations from the Keto diet and it got me thinking…

Are these stories helpful or harmful?

In once sense, it brings about hope. You see the before picture and you think, that’s me! Or maybe even, that person is even bigger than me so this should be super easy for me to do!

And you probably feel a surge of excitement, possibility, and hope.

The stories are all inspiring. The people went from feeling awful to feeling amazing. All by changing their food. Something seemingly so easy and simple!

But there are plenty of hidden dangers and side-effects from these inspiring stories.

First of all, I want nothing more than all these people to be wildly successful and never have any weight problems in the future, I truly do.

It’s just that I have been in this industry since 2006. I have read and heard so many of these stories and over 90% of the time they end with weight gain and despair.

So we have to be careful when we see these transformations. And most importantly, we have to ask the right questions:

Question #1: Is this the first time the person has done Keto? Or is it the first time they’ve put a great deal of time, money and energy into losing weight?

If the answer is yes, then the results are not relatable. The first time most people try a diet they will have a great deal of success. Everyone inevitably builds tolerance, so it’s just a matter of time before it gets harder.

Question #2: Did they choose Keto because it felt like their body naturally wanted to eat that way, solely for health reasons, or because they thought it would help them lose weight?

If the answer is anything other than to lose weight, the results are not relevant to someone that does choose it for weight loss. The psychological mess that occurs when we choose something for weight loss is not comparable to any other reason.

Question #3: Does thinking about eating Keto for the rest of their life seem as easy as eating any other way or just something they’re willing to commit to for results?

If they answer that Keto doesn’t seem that hard for them, then they are either truly aligned with eating that way or fooling themselves. And unless you truly feel it’s the way that you naturally want to eat, you’re going to be fooling yourself too.

Question #4: Does eating a Keto diet feel like the best way to live my best life or am I just willing to eat that way for a period of time to get a result and then hope the results are so inspiring I will fall in love with eating that way?

If you are being honest with yourself, and you realize that the idea of eating Keto forever doesn’t sound as fun as being thin does, there will many challenges up ahead.

Question #5: When I picture my ideal life and my ideal body how am I eating? Is this aligned with Keto?

If you imagine yourself eating a balanced portion of protein, carbs, and fat without having to think about how many carbs you’ve eaten, then Keto isn’t for you.

The good news is…

If Keto isn’t for you, other things are! If that doesn’t seem possible go grab my free guide on “How I Lost My Baby Weight in Less Than a Year Without Dieting or Extreme Exercise. And certainly no Keto.



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Michelle Hastie

Michelle Hastie Thompson is a recovered binge eater who turned her binge eating around and even got featured in Shape Magazine helping a woman lose weight in “My Weight Loss Diaries". She helps women end the battle of binge and overeating, fall in love with movement, and finally lose the weight permanently. A veteran weight loss coach for almost ten years, she is a Ph.D. student in Health Psychology and has three published books, the most recent titled, "Have Your Cake and Be Happy Too: A Joyful Approach to Weight Loss”.