My name is Michelle Hastie Thompson and I know what it feels like to struggle with weight and food…

  • I ventured on what appeared to be a healthy path with weight and food…. ended up with an eating disorder
  • I didn’t have the proper tools or role models to show me another way so I kept spiraling
  • At my absolute heaviest, I got hit by 5 cars just 2 weeks after starting my business… I couldn’t lift my own head & had no control over what people fed me.
  • And that’s when I found Food Psychology and began to heal my relationship with weight and food
  • After Food Psychology I did training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Yoga, Human Behavior, and I am finishing up my PhD in Psychology.
  • I’ve also been living in peace and freedom with food and weight since 2009

I have two main missions:

  1. To help dieting survivors find peace with food and their bodies and eliminate the need for the dieting industry.
  2. And to prevent struggles with weight and food through eating disorder prevention education for children.