Need Private One-on-One Help?

If you long to live your life without obsessing over food, exercise and your weight, you are not alone! Many dieters have worked with us to find the personalized support they need. No need to struggle unsuccessfully to miserably take on another diet – let Michelle help you love your body and your life. Michelle offers non-dieting food, exercise and body education that’s judgement-free, and that is tailored to fit your specific needs, and your lifestyle. Choose from our options below and don’t drag yourself through another diet or extreme exercise routine again.

We've got options for everyone!

Choose to meet with me weekly, bi-weekly or spend an entire day with me.
We have ongoing coaching packages as well as VIP days to help you lose weight permanently in a way that works best for you.

How it Works

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    Get Clear About Why You're Not Losing Weight

    The first step in weight loss coaching is to understand how your body works and the behaviors that are causing you to gain weight. Every human being is unique and different so there is no cookie cutter plan to explain why you struggle with your weight. Our job is to uncover these answers and become clear about your habits, beliefs, thoughts and values that lead to your current body.

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    Create a True Vision of Your Ideal Body

    Weight loss coaching is different then other weight loss methods because it's not about me telling you what to do, it's about understanding why you behave the way you do and how that leads to your current results. Once you have a better understanding of how you operate you can become clear about what life you want to live in a smaller body. It's not about getting smaller, it's about creating a vision for your ideal body and life and beginning to live in it immediately.

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    Heal Your Relationship with Food, Exercise and Body Image

    Everyone holds on to weight for different reasons. We start however by looking at how you interact with food, exercise and your body. This includes eliminating over eating, binge eating, stress eating, boredom eating and everything in between. We also trade punishing exercise for enjoyable movement or perhaps a movement break all together. Lastly, we look at how you relate to your body and life so that your results are permanent.

Ongoing Coaching Packages

Work with me for 4 months to change your behavior and begin living in your ideal body and life forever.
Meet with me weekly or bi-weekly, in person or on the phone.

  • Weekly Coaching

    This is best suited for someone that needs a lot of hand holding and is hesitant to take action.

    With weekly coaching we will meet four times a month for 60 minutes to dive into your specific weight loss needs. No cookie cutter or templated how-to plans with this option. Everything is customized for your goals and life. We will meet in person or on the phone/skype for four months.

    Investment: $300/Month or $1,150 Pay in Full

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching

    Bi-Weekly Coaching is best for someone who takes action easily and has personal accountability.

    With bi-weekly coaching we will meet two times a month for 60 minutes to dive into your specific weight loss needs. No cookie cutter or templated how-to plans with this option. Everything is customized for your goals and life. We will meet in person or on the phone/skype for four months.

    Investment: $150/month or $575 Pay in Full

If you are interested in private coaching click the button below to choose a time to chat with me and fill out an application.
There is no obligation, spaces are very limited!
I only want to work with people that are the right fit, let's see if that's you!

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Is a VIP Day right for you?

A VIP day is the best way to receive results as it pulls you out of your normal everyday routine and focuses your energy and attention on the truth about food, exercise and body image. You will be educating yourself prior to the VIP day with the assignments Michelle assigns to you and this day will be focused on shifting your mindset from a dieter to a non-dieter.

This subconscious change is a permanent change. Unlike dieting, which is surface oriented, the deep inner transformation that takes place with this work creates alternate relationships with food, exercise and your body that last forever. Once VIP day is completed you will have continued assignments to allow this change to stay permanent when thrown back into your normal environment.

If you are ready to live as someone that doesn't have food, exercise or body issues, this is the right option for you.

  • Deluxe VIP Day

    This is best suited for someone traveling outside of  Northern California.

    With the deluxe VIP day you will travel to Sacramento, California to spend 6 hours with Michelle. Your VIP Day price below includes your hotel, lunch and transportation to and from the airport and office location. You also will receive assignments to complete before and after your VIP day to ensure your transformation is complete.

    Investment: $1,750 or 3-Payments of $650 (Must be Paid in Full before Date is Chosen)

  • Standard VIP Day

    The Standard VIP day is best suited for someone who lives close to Sacramento.

    You will spend 6 hours with Michelle in Sacramento, CA but you take on the responsibility of all travel. You still receive lunch during your VIP Day and assignments to complete before and after your VIP day to ensure your transformation is complete.

    Investment: $1,250 or 3-Payments of $450 (Must be Paid in Full before Date is Chosen)

  • Customized VIP Day

    This option is good for those who either live in Butte County or for those that want Michelle to travel to their location.

    If you want Michelle to come to you the customized VIP day is best suited for you. If you are a local Butte county resident Michelle can come to your home for your VIP day.

    If you are outside of the area, your price will include Michelle’s travel accommodations in addition to the VIP day fee.

    If you are interested in this option you and Michelle will discuss the details to finalize the cost and choose a date.

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  • q-iconCan I really get everything I need in one day?

    I know it’s hard to believe but we actually can create massive pattern shifts and major transformation in one day. There is prep work to be completed and follow up work but the majority of the work happens on our day together. We will go though all the reasons why your body is holding on to weight, convince your subconscious mind to let go of dieting and educate you on the tools to eat, move and live like a non-dieter. By the end of the day you will have a full understanding as to why you specifically gain weight, and ultimately shift into living a life that allows your body to release the weight.

  • q-iconHow does the pricing work? How much per hour?

    The pricing is not based on an hourly pay, it’s best on the results and value from the day plus the costs associated with the day. VIP days take a great deal of energy from me in order to dive fully into understanding your body and your life. It would be the same amount of work as me spending 4 months working with you but compressed into one day. Therefore I looked at the costs of the VIP day and chose the fairest price for both parties.

  • q-iconHow does the travel part work?

    After choosing a date with me you can book your flight to Sacramento, CA. From there I handle your hotel and transportation. The hotel is within walking distance to multiple restaurants and we will be having lunch together on our day together. If you are local to the area, you would choose the standard VIP day and would be responsible for all travel to and from the office.

  • q-iconWhat if I am a Butte county resident?

    If you are a Butte county resident you would choose the customized VIP day and we would complete your VIP day right here in Paradise, CA. We could do the VIP day at your home or at the local health center depending on what you prefer. You will have lunch provided on the day and the rest is up to you!

  • q-iconDo you have any coaching packages besides a VIP day?

    At this time I do not. I have a small child and do not have day care, therefore the handful of regular clients I do have are the maximum I can handle. I am also in the process of getting my Masters degree and eventually PhD in Human Behavior. This allows me less time to work with clients on a regular, weekly schedule. You are more than welcome to contact me and I will put you on the wait list if and when one of my current clients decides to end their coaching. Otherwise a VIP day is the only way I can work with new clients.

  • q-iconWhat will the day look like?

    We wil begin at 10am on the day chosen and will dive right into all the reasons why your body holds on to weight. We will take breaks when we need to and then at 1:00 we will practice intuitive eating at lunch. After lunch we will continue working together to put the pieces together of what your life looks like now that you are a non-dieter. We will spend time creating strategies to end any and all eating disorders (emotional eating, stress eating, binge eating, etc) and body image support. By the end of the day you will feel relieved that you fully understand your body, how it works, and how it will release it’s weight. You will have work to complete at home but it will not be about restricting food or over exercising.