Tackle Your Food Fears

Do you trust your appetite?  If you don’t know the answer, think about this:  If you were in a room full of all of your favorite foods, do you trust your body and appetite that you wouldn’t eat past the point of being full?  If you do trust your appetite than you are doing great!  If you don’t, don’t worry, it just takes a little practice.

I remember when I used to be the one saying things like, “I can’t buy that cuz then I would eat the whole bag”, or “If that was in my refrigerator, It would be gone in one sitting!” Basically I was telling the world that food controlled me and that it was acceptable to live that way, and I am not the only one who said this.

In order to conquer your food fears you must bring all food on to the same playing field.  And let me tell you, this is a scary process.  But what happens when you have fears?  You conquer them of course!  So put on your most courageous hat, and follow me onto the field of equal food.

1. Write a list of all of the foods you will not buy at the grocery store because you “Shouldn’t” or “Can’t”

2. Buy all of these foods, yes all of them!

3. When you bring these foods home, you might want to eat all of them at once, and that is normal, your body is officially in overdrive!  Try making a plate of a little of each of the foods that are “off-limits.”

4. Remember, you can have as much of this food as you want for the rest of your life.  You must buy these foods every single week.  Your pantry has to be stocked with all of these forbidden foods.

5. Change your language!  You are not the victim to food.  If you think you are going to eat the whole box, and you keep telling yourself that day after day, you probably will eat the whole box.  Try telling yourself, I am going to eat only as much as my body wants, and then trust that it will tell you!

6. At first your body will have difficulties communicating how much it wants, give it some time, it is healing.  After a few times of repeating this process you will never have fears about your favorite foods, in fact, you might realize that you don’t really like some of these things.

7. Let food be equal.  When you keep all foods on the same level, you will not have obsessive thoughts about “bad foods.”  Your body wants to eat healthy, give it the option to choose to do so!

This is very scary but I can tell you from first hand experience that it works.  I have done this with trail mix, potato chips, chocolate covered pretzels and cookies so far.  Now when I grocery shop I buy chips, chocolate, and cookies, and they stay in my pantry for weeks!  What you resist, persists….so don’t resist anything!

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Michelle Hastie

Michelle Hastie Thompson is a recovered binge eater who turned her binge eating around and even got featured in Shape Magazine helping a woman lose weight in “My Weight Loss Diaries". She helps women end the battle of binge and overeating, fall in love with movement, and finally lose the weight permanently. A veteran weight loss coach for almost ten years, she is a Ph.D. student in Health Psychology and has three published books, the most recent titled, "Have Your Cake and Be Happy Too: A Joyful Approach to Weight Loss”.