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Our Signature R3 Program

Learn how to reprogram, realign, and recalibrate your body for permanent weight loss results. This 3-phase system fixes the mind-hunger mechanism that causes to brain to constantly obsess over food and the body to store fat. Learn More From This Free Online Presentation.

Eat & Weigh Less Coaching Program

Work privately with Michelle through Laser Coaching, In-Depth Virtual Coaching, or In-Person VIP intensives to break free from yo-yo dieting, binge eating, and finally achieve permanent weight loss. Find yourself automatically eating and weighing less without meal plans, extreme exercise, or fad diets. There's nothing conventional about the way we do weight loss in the eat and weigh less coaching program.

Sign up for a FREE 30-min "get to know you" call to see if you're the right fit. *This is not a coaching call but merely a call to meet Michelle and have her meet you to see if working together is appropriate*

Light, Balanced, & Free Monthly

Each month receive 2 lessons on weight, food, & exercise for women who are done with conventional weight loss that leaves them heavier, hungrier, & hateful. Click Here to Claim Your FREE 3 months (No Credit Card Required).

Light, Balanced, & Free Platinum

In addition to the 2 lessons on food, weight, & exercise in Light, Balanced, & Free, receive a monthly emotional eating Q&A call and a monthly weight loss Q&A call, PLUS 20% off our other services. Sign Up For Your FREE Month Today ! Cancel at anytime.