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Get ready to understand how powerful energy centers in your body communicate messages from beyond the physical. Discover the root, energetic problems that are causing imbalances, and harness a universal power to create drastic changes in your happiness, your wellbeing, and your body with “The Chakra Secret: What Your Body Is Telling You,” a min-e-book™.

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If you care about your health: mind, body and soul, read this book. It's a must. Loved it and will definitely read it again and again.

- Carol Martinez

A delightful book. Thoughts are well presented and worthy of contemplation. It will be interesting to experiment with the concepts and see how this work manifests in physical health and mind.

- Loving Life

Knowledge about our chakras can give us information on where we’re out of balance and where we need to focus more attention to improve our health and lives. In The Chakra Secret: What Your Body is Telling You, Michelle Hastie helps you understand the chakras in very easy-to-understand terms so you can use them to understand why you may be experiencing physical problems.

Throughout her min-e-book™, Michelle Hastie teaches how each energy center shares wisdom that correlates with your mental and emotional states and how that wisdom manifests in the physical body. And she explains how to tune into the chakras to find paths back to living naturally, freely and peacefully.

Michelle recommends small daily changes that can lead to dramatic results. As she moves through the seven major chakras, she discusses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components of each, guiding the reader to understand how to get back into alignment.

Talking about diet and weight, Michelle zeros in on the body’s wisdom, e.g., she says weight gain isn’t happening to you, but for you. She explains how weight issues can be associated with different chakras and recommends shifting your focus off of weight loss or changing your body, and instead looking at the ways you can increase self-care and self-esteem (associated with the Sacral Chakra) by choosing healthy foods and connecting to your unique abilities.

The Chakra Secret provides exercises and yoga poses, affirmations, meditations and a chakra recipe from Chef Maria Schonder for each chakra. Plus, Michelle shares her own life lessons, such as “You control nothing so stop trying.” This is especially important in balancing the Crown Chakra, surrendering to faith and trust and starting a spiritual practice.

The Chakra Secret provides wonderful insight on how we can take responsibility for our lives, living in choice instead of in reaction. And how we can live in balance and flow, trusting that all will be well.

- Becca Chopra
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