Want To Look As Good As Mark Wahlberg?

Mark Wahlberg looks good, can we agree?

CNBC was gracious enough to lay out his daily routine so we too, can look like Mark Wahlberg…

It’s totally doable too:

Just wake up practically in the middle of the night…

Pray, which seems reasonable…

Eat, which is already a stretch for me. Choking down a full breakfast at 3 am is rough, but I could probably do that for a 6-pack…

Strenuous workout.. starting to lose me now but if I could swap out burpees for dancing I’m still in..

Eat.. again… Once again, in the name of a 6-pack… maybe

Cryotherapy?! I’m out…

Thankfully for me, and perhaps for you, it’s not our profession to have a 6-pack. 

But you may be left feeling like many others…

Like a complete and utter failure at life when you compare your life to my buddy Mark.

But what if having your ideal body (maybe not a 6-pack), but a smaller, lighter version of your body was as simple as doing 3 things?

And no I am not talking about eating less, moving more and sleeping better. Although those are all nice.

It’s actually even simpler than that.

1 – Connect to your body: 

First, we need to eliminate the disconnection from the body caused by dieting. Dieting forces disconnection. But you don’t lose weight with your brain, you lose weight with your body. So we have to reconnect to the body so you know exactly how YOUR body loses weight. You need to know what your body needs, and then easily and effortlessly fulfill those needs. Then, your body can do what it needs to do to burn fat. This becomes your new automatic, taking care of your body. And so, it takes care of you always.

2 – Get you out of survival mode:

Life needs to be lived fully. There will be a list of things you have attached to weight loss that has nothing to do with weight loss. Don’t wait to feel confident, sexy, joyful, or happy until the weight comes off. Start experiencing that now by doing all the things you’ve been holding off on. Be more social. Join the dance class. Get out of your comfort zone and live. 

3 – We need to stop allowing emotions to derail our success

Emotions have a sneaky way of causing us to feel overwhelmed and wanting to escape. We do this through food, technology, alcohol, drugs or any other numbing activity. 

We must allow the emotions to be present and also acknowledge that we can continue moving forward in spite of our emotions. They do not have to hold us back but they do need to be acknowledged. Otherwise, they keep coming back over and over again and you find yourself in the pantry when you’re not hungry over and over again.

At the end of the day, your body knows how to be ideal.

If you want to it go beyond ideal, and be the great Mark Wahlberg, it will take the type of dedication he outlines in his daily routine. 

Perhaps you’re like me though… you just want a healthy, happy, and light version of your current body. 

If that’s the case, it’s time to stop looking at what other people are eating and how they are exercising, and figure out what makes your body ideal.

And it’s really not as complicated as you think.


About The Author

Michelle Hastie

Michelle Hastie Thompson is a recovered binge eater who turned her binge eating around and even got featured in Shape Magazine helping a woman lose weight in “My Weight Loss Diaries". She helps women end the battle of binge and overeating, fall in love with movement, and finally lose the weight permanently. A veteran weight loss coach for almost ten years, she is a Ph.D. student in Health Psychology and has three published books, the most recent titled, "Have Your Cake and Be Happy Too: A Joyful Approach to Weight Loss”.