Free Online Presentation To Help Parents with Children Struggling with Weight and/or Eating Disorders:

Learn the “CF Method For Kids” to Create Fun & Confidence Around Food & The Body Without Controlling Their Food or Exercise

During this free training, you will learn:

  • The 3 secrets to help your children live happy & healthy lives where they love healthy food, movement, and their bodies
  • One strategy that most parents never consider when it comes to helping their children with weight and food
  • An easy way to build instant connection with your child making it easier for the family to be on the same page for health and happiness
  • The biggest mistake virtually all parents make without even knowing it…
  • Why approaching food and weight the way the average adult does will actually make everything worse and increase our feelings of guilt and hopelessness
  • The one secret my clients use to create a normal and peaceful relationship with their bodies and food without counting calories or obsessing over food