Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Sometimes the media just makes my job way too easy. For example, this article right here.

The timing of this is too perfect as I just kicked off my FREE Series: The 10 Reasons People Are Not Losing Weight When They Are Trying Everything.

And as you read the 9 reasons they came up with… which I will go ahead and venture a guess you’ve heard many times over, I want you to ask yourself the question “How do these 9 reasons make me feel?”

I’ll list them here for you, and just think about this… like what do you do with most of these?

  1. Not enough sleep: Cool. I’ll just go ahead and wave my magic wand and sleep more. No problem. It’s not like I have REAL life events getting in the way of making this happen.
  2. Feeling too stressed: Wow. Revolutionary. You’re telling me if I was less stressed I would be more successful? That is brand new information!
  3. Not tracking calories: What person has not tried to track calories that want to lose weight? Please… this one is insulting.
  4. THEY FREAKIN SKIPPED IT! – Yeah, they can’t count apparently.
  5. Hormones: Got it! So just need to fix my hormones, on it!!!
  6. Inconsistency: Ok, I’ll give this one a little bit of love. But the question is always WHY are we inconsistent. And the answer is simple because dieting sucks and we don’t want life to suck.
  7. Badly managed cheat days: Umm… isn’t the point of a cheat day not to manage it?
  8. Negative mindset: Sure…. but HOW do you help someone have a positive mindset when they have YEARS of weight loss insanity.
  9. You’re in a rush: Yes, you’re right.. it should take people 40 years to lose weight. Like what person is scouring the internet for weight loss solutions that have only been trying for a few months???

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Michelle Hastie

Michelle Hastie Thompson is a recovered binge eater who turned her binge eating around and even got featured in Shape Magazine helping a woman lose weight in “My Weight Loss Diaries". She helps women end the battle of binge and overeating, fall in love with movement, and finally lose the weight permanently. A veteran weight loss coach for almost ten years, she is a Ph.D. student in Health Psychology and has three published books, the most recent titled, "Have Your Cake and Be Happy Too: A Joyful Approach to Weight Loss”.