If You Are a Yoga Student Who Loves Yoga But Still Struggles With Weight & Food... Then this is For You

You go to yoga, you listen to the inspiring words of the teachers, you know the best approach to your body and food is one of compassion and love, and yet, it's still a struggle. And that majorly sucks because you've got the perfect foundation for cultivating a beautiful synergistic relationship with food and weight.

Hey there fellow yogi, my name is Michelle!

  • I've been practicing yoga since 2003 and while I found it to be the most amazing type of movement for my body, I always viewed it as something to fill a "rest day" or increase flexibility and never something that could actually transform my weight and food.
  • In 2006 I began gaining weight while doing cardio and weights 7 days a week and eating a healthy, balanced diet. I began to really hate my body and the more I hated it the more I disconnected from it.
  • I never imagined yoga could replace all my other movements and that my ideal body would emerge from it. It went against everything I had learned in the weight loss industry.
  • So I got a new education. One in yoga, mindfulness, and pyschology. Since 2009, I have been helping other yogis embrace & embody an ideal relationship with their body, food, & movement for total peace and freedom in bodies they love.

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